Our goal is to change CRM workflow from

Project Centric to Client Centric

Having tried the traditional lead-to-completion CRMs that fell short of our expectations, we created a CRM that follows the actual business workflow and allows the broker to understand the client's situation quickly and share information efficiently.

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What people are saying about our CRM

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Agnes Siry

Mortgage and Insurance Broker

Finally, a perfect CRM system for brokers. It has a user-friendly dashboard and an easy to navigate website. I like how I can easily track and store information related to my clients. Since using this new system, I've reduced my administrative work hours and been able to focus more on my actual job.

I am so thankful to find this website and I highly recommend it!

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Ken James

Mortgage and Insurance Broker

Since I went Directly Authorised a few years ago, I have struggled to find a CRM that helps me not only collate client data but also helps me to collect the information required to complete my FCA obligations when reporting.

Client Tree is not only an easy system to get used to but also gives me access to all the information I need to complete the reporting that I have to do. I would spend stressful Days putting this all together, now this has become so much quicker. Money well spent in my opinion.

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Lisa Rodrigues-James


Having initially only seen a brief demonstration of how the CRM worked, I was surprised at how easy it was to use and navigate my way around it. The fact that the client has access to the CRM to enter their details and upload docs for me is a massive time saving plus.

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Anthony Guardascione

Portal user

The portal is a breeze to navigate. Everything was nicely laid out and once we added our information/details, it’s easy to go back and check with a few clicks. It streamlines the entire back-and-forth process of needing to email documents or answer questions between ourselves and our broker, simplifying the process!

Once our information is on the portal, it’s there for future mortgages with only a few clicks to add or edit our circumstances. So it’s a timesaver too.

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Simon Gray

Portal user

My experience of working with Client Tree is very positive, the front-end user interface is simple and easy to use with logical workflows and functionality.

The system is clearly well designed and is bespoke. My experience of using the system for the first time is very positive and enables a seamless mortgage application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – We have developed our platform specifically for UK mortgage and insurance brokers, taking into account UK mortgage lender and insurance provider requirements as well as broker feedback. Our CRM will allow you to generate just the right business reports and FCA reports to help with your business admin.
Yes – It is a truly collaborative portal, where initial fact-finding and ongoing changes can be captured and shared amongst the applicant or joint applicants and the broker. Clients and brokers can also share documents securely. It also allows clients to track their applications' progress and manage their portfolio.
Absolutely – We offer a 30-day free trial period.
Yes – We built our CRM software using secure technologies that power the likes of NASA, YouTube and Instagram. We store the data in Amazon's EU-based secure data centres.

Yes, we are.

  • MortgageBrain Anywhere mortgage sourcing
  • L&G Ignite mortgage sourcing, criteria and affordability (free licence)
  • Uinsure GI sourcing and application
  • UnderwriteMe personal insurance sourcing and application

More integrations coming up soon...